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Starting with nonprofits. Ending with everyone.

Our Mission

We want to make it easy for individuals and institutions to share sensitive information. Institutions need this data to improve engagement and deliver value. Individuals are overwhelmed - they want meaningful experiences but lack the time or energy to keep all of their information up to date. Dadel is building a safe, secure platform to solve this problem. If you'd like to follow our progress or learn about potential pilot opportunities, please subscribe using the form below or click the following link.
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About Us

Dadel was formed in April 2019 by three alumni from Carnegie Mellon. Our initial goal was to help individuals take back control of their personal data. We quickly realized this wouldn't work. People don't have the time to manage their data, it's not worth enough to monetize individually, and there are way too many incentives to share it for free.

In September 2019 we pivoted to focus on nonprofit institutions and engagement. Nonprofits spend over $1 Billion every year to maintain and clean up data for donors, volunteers, and the people they serve. They need this information to reach out effectively and provide the experiences and impacts that they want. Individuals are willing to help, but it's just too difficult to keep track of everythng. Both groups needed a better solution - one that made it easier for institutions and individuals to share data. What they needed was a secure personal data exchange, run by a company that would never sell their data.

Today we're piloting a web based version of our Personal Data Exchange while we pursue funding for the commercial product. Our technology will allow individuals and organizations to share sensitive data - starting with contact information and preferences - without Dadel ever having to hold it. That's the holy grail - it's impossible for a company to misuse data if they never have it to begin with! In the meantime we're continuing to find ways we can help organizations improve their data while we improve our product.

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